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Should getCustomerInfo() return Family Sharing subscription status?

The below Swift code works for authenticating subscribed purchases but does not always work for family sharing (Family Sharing is recognized by Apple but revenueCatManager.isSubscriptionActive returns false).Purchases.shared.getCustomerInfo { (customerInfo, error) in                if customerInfo?.entitlements.all["Regular"]?.isActive == true {                    revenueCatManager.isSubscriptionActive = true                    let purchasedProductSet = customerInfo?.activeSubscriptions                    for purchasedProduct in purchasedProductSet! {                        product_id += purchasedProduct                    }                    let expireRenewalDate = customerInfo?.expirationDate(forEntitlement: "Regular") ?? Date()                    let formatter = DateFormatter()                    formatter.dateFormat = "MMM d, y"//"EEEE, MMMM d, yyyy h:mm:ss a zzzz"                    renewalDate = formatter.string(from: expireRenewalDate)                } else {                   

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