Difference in number of Active Subscriptions

  • 21 April 2022
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Why is the number of “Active Subscriptions" on the "Overview" page different from the number of "Active Subscriptions" on the "Customers" page? 

I checked, no customer has more than one subscription. How can this be possible?

3 replies

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Hi @sereisoglu, the overview page will count active subscriptions while the customer list will count active subscribers, so that’s one reason they could be different (since a single subscriber could have multiple subscriptions). But since you’re sure each user only has one subscription, the other reason these numbers can be different is because the counts refresh at different rates (customer lists are slower and can take up to 2 hours to refresh).

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@sundeep Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the refresh time. I made a comparison. I have users that do not appear on the customers page. There is no problem when I request your API for users that do not appear on the customers page. I think there is a different problem here.

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Hi @sundeep & @sereisoglu, just checking in, was this discrepancy every resolved? I’m a new RevenueCat user and on the dashboard am seeing 710 active subscriptions and 800 active subscribers  and wondering how that is possible?