PayPal integration, Webhooks with Keycloak

  • 16 February 2022
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We’re working on a Flutter application with one of the main features requiring in-app-purchases.

Due to requirement of integrating our back-end (webhooks), as well as collaborators, we’d sign up for the “Starter” plan (

Before we do sign up, kindly please clarify:

  1. Do you have any plans for integrating PayPal as well? You already provide Stripe integration, but no PayPal – is this in the plans or is there perhaps some limitation on PayPal side which prevents such, or perhaps other reason which you can disclose. Or is adding PayPal as payment method to Google Store ( / Apple Store ( on customer’s side the only way to have such?

  2. The single API for Google / Apple / Amazon and Stripe you provide through Flutter SDK (, as well as extensive documentation, are impressive. However, we have not found anything regarding Keycloak, which we mainly use as broker for both Google and Apple Sign-in in our app. We’ll need to integrate our backend (which is currently configured to only accept requests successfully authenticated via Keycloak) with your system via webhooks. Do you perhaps provide any documentation on this – I have not found anything via nor





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3 replies

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This question was answered outside of the community, so I’m sharing info here for anyone else that might stumble on it:

We have PayPal on our backlog to support in the future, but we’re not able to provide an ETA at this time. If your customers would like to make purchases from the stores with PayPal, they should be able to add their PayPal account as a payment method in the App Store or Play Store like you described.

RevenueCat user identification is done by providing a single, unique-per-user user identifier that we can attribute purchases to. As long as Keycloak provides you a unique user ID, you could use that ID in RevenueCat to keep purchases in sync with the expected user identifier for that customer. You can read more about identifying users in our guide here:

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Is there any update on ETA for Paypal Integration?

Hey @cody - any update on PayPal integration?