Flutter - Consumable Purchase Validation on Server


Our Flutter app has subscriptions and consumables that are wired through RevenueCat.

For this specific new feature, after a consumable purchase, some entries must be updated on the server-side. We do have endpoints to inform the back-end that a purchase was made, however, this purchase needs to be validated in the server so that malicious users won't abuse that endpoint.

I found another thread with a similar issue, mostly described in this comment. We do have differences, however, which are that we need to send specific parameters (related to the purchase) to that endpoint and also that the Client must see the results with little to no delay, so using webhooks does not look like a good solution.

We require some sort of purchase/transaction ID that is received by the client right after the purchase and that can be sent to the server for validation. What would be the best way to achieve this?

Thank you in advance.

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