How to get around "Google Service Account credentials JSON is invalid"?

  • 4 February 2022
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I have been following the instructions here and downloaded the the .json file in step 2.


I am attempting to “Enter the Credentials JSON in RevenueCat” in step 4, though I’m concerned I’m doing it wrong.  The UI seems to expect a single line of text, and the .json that Google Cloud generates is quite large.  If this is the proper way to use Revenue Cat, this is janky as all hell.


Anyway, I have taken the .json contents into a plain text editor, joined all lines, and removed all spaces (as per recommendations in other community posts), but when I attempt to upload the .json, I see this error message:



(Image reads: “The provided Google Service Account credentials JSON is invalid.”)


This seems to be an immediate failure (many community posts seem to involve long wait times for credentials to become active or something).  There is no help for figuring out if I’m adding the json contents incorrectly, or if so, what’s wrong from Revenue Cat’s perspective.


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2 replies

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Nevermind I got it in the end.  The key was to open in a different text editor with no line wrap on, and NOT attempt to remove whitespace.  Revenue Cat does in fact seem to expect you to copy and paste an ~11 line json complete with large private RSA keys into a text box that seems long enough for somebody’s full name.

This is nuts and not really user friendly. I faced the same issue. So for anybody else:

  1. open the JSON-file with a text editor
  2. mark the whole text and copy it
  3. paste it inside the text box (after you clicked on “view”)