Can't find Issuer ID on App Store Connect for implementing iOS Offer Codes

  • 4 May 2022
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I am currently trying to implement Offer Codes in my application. I read here that in order for Offer Codes to work with RevenueCat, I would need to upload an In-App Purchase Key. I followed the steps to create and download an In-App Purchase Key, but when uploading it, RevenueCat needs an Issuer ID. The documentation here states that the Issuer ID can be found by going to Users and Access->Keys->App Store Connect API. I did that and requested to access the App Store Connect API (as instructed in the RC documentation) but after doing so, I still can’t see an Issuer ID (see image attached). Where can this be found? It seems that App Store Connect has maybe changed some things. Do I have to create an App Store Connect API as well as the In-App Purchase Key? If so, will this App Store Connect API Key only be used for RevenueCat? And, if I do need to create an App Store Connect API Key, what level of access should I give it (see image) ? Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hey @Jace!

You’ll need to generate an App Store Connect API key to see the Issuer ID - you’re safe to choose any level of access for the key, but RevenueCat won’t be using the key itself, we just need the Issuer ID. I just tested this by generating a key with access to only Sales and Reports and got the Issuer ID to appear.

Give that a shot and let me know if you get things working!