Using Google Play Billing Library 5.0.0 with purchases_flutter 3.10.0

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@Patrick we have released a beta version of `purchases_flutter` that supports Billing Client 5. Here’s the link if you want to try it -

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Im using flutter and just upgrade from flutter_purchase 4.11.1 → 5.5.0 and I’m getting a

PlatformException(2, There was a problem with the store., {code: 2, message: There was a problem with the store., readableErrorCode: StoreProblemError, readable_error_code: StoreProblemError, underlyingErrorMessage: Error when fetching products. DebugMessage: An internal error occurred.. ErrorCode: SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE.}, null)

When I call await Purchases.getOfferings().

Was working perfectly fine until I upgraded. I only have 1 time purchases configured no subscriptions so as I understand it the google migration stuff doesn’t apply to me. Do I need to add some new config setting in in androidmanifest.xml or something to support billiing 5.0?