Using Google Play Billing Library 5.0.0 with purchases_flutter 3.10.0

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@FlickGames I agree with you, and BillingClient 5.0 support is our #1 item in the pipeline right now. I definitely feel your pain here, especially since you built your own plugin for observer mode support. 


There are a few factors in the way that BC5 is designed that have made implementing support for it rather difficult on our side, and we’re currently working through the issues to have something ready as soon as we possibly can. This year’s update was essentially a full redesign in BillingClient, with some choices that put barriers around revenue tracking that weren’t there in BC4. Not trying to make excuses here, just being transparent about the reasons we don’t have support out yet. 


We aim to have a version out as soon as humanly possible, but I can’t guarantee that we’ll have it out before Nov 1st.

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Is there any news on an ETA for billing v5 support since the last post a month ago?  
We use an SDK which uses a billing plugin created by a 3rd party, and they have just updated it to support billing v5. 
This means that we will not be able to use RevenueCat at all in our next update, so we’re eager to know when it is likely to be supported again.

Hey @FlickGames, 

Unfortunately we can’t provide a specific target on the full implementation yet. However, it’s likely there will be an intermediary state where we can ship the SDK with billing v5 as the dependency version without full support of the new features. The team will have to discuss any potential side effects and risks of releasing in such a way -- I’ll post back here when we are done with that. If we can do such a release, it should be within a few weeks.