Clearing all purchases from Sandbox environment

  • 31 May 2024
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Hi people,

first of all to creators, thanks for the awesome product! Just keep up with good work!

I have a question about, what happens if we clear our purchase history in our AppStoreConnect?

I saw this post but I wanted to clarify what happens when we go in AppStoreConnect to:

Users and Access → Sandbox → Test Accounts → Edit → Clear purchase history?

Would this clear purchase history in RevenueCat Sandbox data too?

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Hey @vladica,

Thanks for the kind words! If you clear the purchase history in App Store Connect, the history in RevenueCat won’t automatically clear as well - my recommendation would be to delete the user in RevenueCat if you’d like to reuse that sandbox account with a clean slate. This should ensure that the user has a clear history both in ASC and RevenueCat.

You can find how to delete a user in RevenueCat here in our docs:

We wouldn’t recommend this for production users, but it is a safe process for sandbox users.