Can't figure out the RC setup, need help please

  • 6 October 2021
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This is my first question here, please be patient with me. I am not a programming expert and need some help. I have followed steps up to creating 3 subscriptions on both App and Play store. I want to give 3 types of subscriptions, all annual type. The feature the subscriptions  will unlock are as follows:

  1. ‘10_Annual’  - This will allow the admin to add 10 people to his team.
  2. ‘20_Annual’ - This will allow the admin to add 20 people to his team.
  3. ‘50_Annual’ - This will allow the admin to add 50 people to his team.

Up to now I have created the entitlements, which have the same IDs as defined in app & play stores. I am now having short circuits in my head proceeding with entitlements and offerings. I am not able to fully understand what steps I should be taking when creating entitlements and offerings and need some advice on structure of it please. Thank you! 

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Hey @DEE 

Offerings are essentially the products that you wish to display on your paywall. Entitlements is what the features the customer is entitled to after purchasing the product associated with the Entitlement. Be sure to attach the respective products to the Entitlements.

You should add all 3 products to the same Offering, this will populate all 3 options for the customer to purchase. As for Entitlements, in your case each product will be associated with separate Entitlements and you should check if the EntitlementInfo object is active for your specific Entitlement identifier.