Offerings are empty in production but work fine in sandbox

  • 12 August 2021
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Went through this list 

and followed all the rules. 

Everything works fine in debug and I am able to make sandbox purchases. But when it comes to production offerings are empty.

Any idea why it’s happening or how can I debug the problem?

5 replies

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Hey @Ash :wave: ,


We have sent this post into our ticketing system, where our Support team will handle your request.

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@jazmine I am running into this same issue

  • Subscription has been approved for over 36 hours.
  • Subscription loads fine on local/testflight.
  • Filled out all agreements.

App is in pending developer release. I downloaded the app from the app store with a generated code, and in app purchases do not work.

When plugging in my phone to the console. Still getting “Could not find SkProduct for ( “my_product_name”) There is a problem with your configuration”, but only in production. “my_product_name” is not in the actual log, I did not include my real product name.

same issue here. it sucks for 1 week.

Same problem. Has anyone found a solution?

My case was that it was about my product id’s and their reference names being different