Offering licenses outside of AppStore

  • 27 April 2023
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Hi there,

I’m new to RevenueCat, and what I would like to know, is if it’s possible to manually activate user licenses/entitlements from the Dashboard (or API), independently of the AppStore?


Let say I want to offer a lifetime license to someone, should I hard-code it on my side, or is it doable with RevenueCat? If so, do I have to create a lifetime iAP on AppStore Connect, that should be “hidden” to public, but that I can activate for the users I want with a promo code? Or can it be easier?


Thank you!


1 reply

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Hi @thomas-albert,

We do have promotional entitlements that you can grant for users - these are independent of the App Store and will not affect or override any paid subscriptions. You can grant them via the API or on the dashboard: