Not seeing sandbox customer in Customer > sandbox

  • 18 July 2022
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I am not seeing all sandbox data in revenueCat : if I subscribe a user on a build of my app (and I can see the subscription worked in the Iphone’s sandbox accounts info), sometimes I still can’t see the customer in RevenueCat in Customers > Sandbox


Any idea how I can fix this?





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8 replies

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Hey @Jane 

It sounds like you’re using RevenueCat’s default sandbox customer list here. Our customer lists have a cache, which is why you’re not seeing the new customer appear in a list immediately. To confirm the sandbox subscription in RevenueCat, you can either search the app user ID directly or check out the Recent Transactions table, which shows transactions in real-time. 

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Hello @tina !The Recent transactions table was just what I needed.

Thank you for your help!

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Even the Recent Transactions table is not showing me any data but the Overview’s Customer tab does show there are 5 Customers. 



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Hi @tina & RC staff,

any news on this topic? I have the same issue, still. I’m testing locally but my current App User ID doesn’t show up in the list, even though it hasn’t changed (locally) for me in hours.

I can see the sandbox user when I construct the lookup URL myself or use the “Find Customer” function on the Customers page, though.


Same here 

Overview shows it 


Charts are empty


Strange thing is “Dandbox data” button is disabled all apges except Overview. I cannot click it.


> Strange thing is “Dandbox data” button is disabled all apges except Overview. I cannot click it.
Sorry. missspell. Editor does not allow me to fix after reply.

Strange thing is “Sandbox data” button is disabled on all pages except Overview. I cannot click it.

Same here. Did you all find a solution on this?


I have the same problem with the disabled sandbox data button. And I cannot make a test purchase. But I am loged in, I get the correct offering and the correct package. Some problem with the store. I thought that might have something to do with each other.