iOS: question about sandbox opt-out behavior for auto-renewal subscription.

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Hi. Thanks in advance.

I have simple question regarding apple sandbox behavior via revenuecat.

I have monthly subscription and when I makePurchase monthly subscription, 

I can see it will auto-renew for 11 month then opted-outs (probably cancelled from apple)

then expires.

After expiration, when I re-purchase monthly again, then it opted-outs by 1 month.

Is this as expected? Is there any this opted-out rules?


thank you


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Hi, I have a  same issue.

Is it resolved?

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No response to this?

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Still no answer


I’m experiencing the same thing.  What causes “Opted-out of renewal”?

I’m facing the same issue. Does anyone why this happens? And does this happen in production environment or only sandbox?