iOS: question about sandbox opt-out behavior for auto-renewal subscription.

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Hi. Thanks in advance.

I have simple question regarding apple sandbox behavior via revenuecat.

I have monthly subscription and when I makePurchase monthly subscription, 

I can see it will auto-renew for 11 month then opted-outs (probably cancelled from apple)

then expires.

After expiration, when I re-purchase monthly again, then it opted-outs by 1 month.

Is this as expected? Is there any this opted-out rules?


thank you


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Hi, I have a  same issue.

Is it resolved?

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No response to this?

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Still no answer

I’m facing the same issue. Does anyone why this happens? And does this happen in production environment or only sandbox?


I’m experiencing the same thing.  What causes “Opted-out of renewal”?