Can you change the currency shown in the RevenueCat dashboards from USD?

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I understand that the currency of the product is handled by the App Store, but when viewing the RevenueCat dashboards, the prices are always converted to USD currently.

Is there a way to set the currency displayed in RevenueCat?




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Hi Brent, 


Unfortunately there is no way to display a different currency to USD in the dashboard at the moment. I will pass the request to the product team for consideration.

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Thanks Miguel, surely this is a fundamental need for all of your customers outside the US. Any indication as to when this will be available in future?


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Hi all,

Thanks (sincerely) for the feedback! It’s quite helpful. Unfortunately we don’t have an update on supporting additional currencies in the Dashboard at this time, but it is something we’ll continue to keep in mind as a future improvement to make our data on the site easier to use.



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Hey, just jumping in the second this! I can imagine it’d be a nightmare to implement 😅 but even if it were just converted to the desired currency based on the current days/weeks exchange rate, I think that’d do the job for most. As a starting block, I’d personally prioritise GBP and EUR. 🤷 Keep up the great work folks! 

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Being able to show the Dashboard in Euros would be very helpful for our company, too. I assume there is still no update on this?

Greetings from Berlin! :) 

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Would love to have Australian Dollars too. Hope this will be released soon. 🙂

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I’d love to see this being prioritized because the currently shown data is not correct.

For example: most of our purchases are made in EUR (and so is the payment by Apple/Google). However, RevenueCat shows USD which is not reflecting the actual numbers. Not sure how the exchange rates are calculated but as 95% of the cashflow is in EUR it can only have negative impact.


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Would love to see this as well (€ in our case)

As of now, probably there is no option to show currency in it.

I am also not getting this option but may be this option is not present in Revenucat.

Personally, I’d love this feature! I do however understand the complexity to adding an additional currency.

If the product team is busy planning this feature, please keep in mind to also add the additional currencies in the event data. That’ll be very helpful.

I think this feature is quite important for non-US countries. Untill that feature is implemented, the data is usefull for general statistics but it’s quite useless from a financial prospective.

Hey! We would also like this to be prioritised. We are an EU company and operating only with EUR. It’s very confusing to have RC in USD. :(

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Hi RevenueCat Team, 

any news on this highly requested feature? USD also does not make sense for us at all, as we are also not operating in US. Is there anywhere a roadmap available, so that I can check what features are coming up next? 

Best regards

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Would love to see AUD added as an option for the dashboard!

I'm working in two companies (BR and UK) and would love to see this feature added too.