Can't find user in customer list, but it exists in RevenueCat

  • 14 February 2022
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I’m debugging an issue with my billing integration and want to look into customer data in RevenueCat. In my setup I have individual builds (and application ids) for development, staging and production and am currently testing a sandbox purchase for a non-consumable product on iOS.

Now I’m trying to find a specific user, but the Customer List doesn’t show the user. I know that the user exists, since I can get it from the api and could find it by manually editing the url.

The “Find Customer” search box also does not give me the user.

How can I view all customers in the Customer List?




Best answer by sundeep 19 February 2022, 03:34

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2 replies

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Hi @Thomas, this doesn’t sound like expected behavior so I’ve turned this into a ticket in our system so I can get more details. We can follow-up there!

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Hi @sundeep, thanks for assisting me with my issue. I just tried to reproduce the issue, but right now all is working well. I’ll update the support ticket as well and if I run into it again / find a way to reproduce, I’ll let you know there. Thanks again!