Subscription with included consumables

  • 10 November 2022
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I am planning to offer a subscription that includes a certain number of consumable “tokens” per billing period. For example, maybe you get up to 20 tokens per month for $1/month, or 50 tokens for $2/month.

But if the user exhausts their tokens before next month, it should be possible to either buy more tokens, and/or, upgrade to a higher plan level.

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for the best way to accomplish this with RevenueCat.

1 reply

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Hey @3DTOPO!

I’ll let others chime in if they have built this kind of system, but it sounds like you’ll need to start by building your own coin/transaction system to keep track of user amounts and how they spend their tokens on your end.

From there, I’d set up webhooks to listen for purchases and renewals and deposit the correct amount of tokens for each event: