Setting custom durations for promotional entitlements

  • 29 November 2022
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RevenueCat’s promotional entitlement feature allows you to grant an entitlement to any of your customers directly from RevenueCat. These are the predefined durations allowed:

Duration Description
daily 24 hour access
three_day 72 hour access
weekly 7 day access
monthly 1 month (31-day) access
two_month 2 month (61-day) access
three_month 3 month (92-day) access
six_month 6 month (183-day) access
yearly 1 year (365-day) access
lifetime 200 year access


To grant a promotional entitlement with a custom duration (for example, 5 days,) set the start time in the past so that the end time lands when you need. So for example if you want to grant a promotional entitlement for just one hour, grant a daily promotional (which is 24 hours) but set the start time to 23 hours in the past. The end time will then be 1 hour in the future.

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