RevenueCat CEO checking in

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Hi! I’m Jacob, recovering iOS engineer and CEO of RevenueCat. 


It’s still a bit mind boggling how many folks are using our little SDK these days, and I’m excited that we have an open community to chat about it.


I’d love to hear your product and company feedback. I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with developers using our product day-to-day and would love to hear what direction you think we should take the SDK, the dashboard, and ultimately the company. We are here to help you make more money with your apps, so tell us what you need!


P.S. I’m thinking about making an app. Can you still make apps in Objective-C?

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We have been using RevenueCat for two years and are very happy. In fact, we are so happy with using RevenueCat that we are stalling on entering markets where we cannot use it. Amazon App Store and Huawei App Gallery support is what would move the needle the most for us. Being able to enter those markets and synchronize purchases would be amazing! (Amazon App Store coming to Windows 11 is also an important factor)

@Åsa Falkenjack:  Amazon Appstore support is around the corner and we are looking for beta customers. If you’re interested, drop me an email at!


Hi, any progress on AppGallery support?