How to Extend a User’s Free Trial

  • 31 October 2021
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Hi everyone,

I’m looking to figure out a way to reset or extend a users free trial. At present, we have successfully set up an In-App Subscription on both iOS and Android with a one week free trial. We then hope to send the user a notification or email when their trial is almost over prompting them to refer a friend to the app, which they will be rewarded for by extending the trial for another week.

The refer all mechanisms is fairly easy to do with deep links, the question is once we have detected that a user has successfully referred a friend, what is the best way to extend their trial? Additionally, I’m still trying to work out how this plays with Apple’s terms of service - it seems to be within the rules but any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone! 


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Hi @AlistairAtHapcha,

On iOS, you could set up offer codes or promotional offers (see: and use to reward your users with more free trial time. On Android, there’s a way to defer the current subscription’s expiration date until later: (Or see Google’s doc on it for more info:


There are also promo codes on Android (but these will replace the trial if it exists, regardless of whichever is greater):