Free trial based on use limit or time limit?

  • 17 February 2022
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I have a fitness app (Max reHIT Workout) and my current method of offering a free trial is to let people have access to 5 fully functional workouts free, forever.

There's are two ads: an interstitial ad and a banner ad.

If you want access to all 20+ workouts, lots of extra features, and go ad free , you can buy a yearly subscription for $5.99.

You do not have to enter a free trial period with CC because I absolutely hate that approach.

I'd like to increase conversions. Two methods I'm considering:

  1. Have a completely functional system without ads for 5 workouts. I figure if you've used the app 5 times and you don't want to buy, you'll probably never convert. A complication is this requires the user to login because i use cloudkit to store data for cross device access. After 5 workouts if they choose not to convert I revert back to a limit of 5 workouts with ads. Of course they can subscribe any time. I hope they realize the value ad of the extra features and workouts.
  2. Similar to 1, but the time limit would be two weeks instead of five workouts.

Do you have any thoughts on which would be better? Or any better ideas in general?


1 reply

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The App Store’s free trials are all time based, so that route will require the least work to implement and provide the most functionality. If you want to provide a free trial based on usage, you'll have to track the usage yourself. It's up to you to decide what kind of free trial you want to implement, but my recommendation is to use time based free trials so you can take advantage of Apple’s free trial functionality.