Billing Issue message sheet on iOS

  • 24 July 2023
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Do we have a release date for the Billing Issue message sheet on iOS? I haven’t found anything better than “this summer”.


Also, has anybody already tested it in Sandbox?



2 replies

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Hey @Florian!

We don’t have any concrete plans to support this yet (from our SDK at least) but I’ve not heard of any other news from Apple. I’ll leave this thread open in case any one else wants to add something!

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In RevenueCat’s documentation “Encountering Billing Issues”, it states:

Starting in iOS 16.4+, a system-sheet will automatically be displayed if a user encounters a billing issue, with a prompt for the customer to update their payment method. You can test this behavior by following Apple's instructions.

I’ve been able to test this on sandbox (development) and it does show the system-sheet.