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  • 17 February 2022
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Since I’ve been implementing in-app-purchases for my app the past days, I wanted to share a couple of things I’ve run into. Maybe they are of help to someone or can be used for further RC improvements.

  1. Google Play appends the app’s identifier or app name to the purchase title. It’s best practice to strip these, if you are using a dynamic paywall screen.
  2. The RC docs say that you need to have published an app bundle to a Closed Testing track e.g. Alpha in Google Play. I found that it is sufficient to use the unreviewed Internal Testing track. This allows for a setup where you have a package name for different environments e.g. staging and production.
  3. React Native: The RC debug logs are not replayed in the Javascript logs. You’ll have to view the device logs. Connect the device by USB Cable, then: iOS: Use Console.app to filter for Process: My App and Purchases Android: adb shell logcat | grep Purchases.

I’ll update this, if I run into something else.

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