Which Stripe events do I listen to in order to post receipts

  • 2 December 2021
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I followed this guide to send events directly from Stripe to RevenueCat. 


I also saw this link for sending our tokens to RevenueCat which must be done before the above events (I think). I send the token during “checkout.session.completed” but it doesn’t look like that event is happening. Should we be posting receipts from “invoice.payment_succeeded” ? Might be good to put something about this in your docs.



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Hey @Tony!

If you’re using Stripe Checkout or Stripe Payment Links, the token should be sent from the `checkout.session.completed` webhook. This event is called once the the checkout session is completed with a purchase. You can see this in action in our sample project here:

If you’re not using Stripe Checkout, it might be a different webhook event that is called after a successful payment (like you mentioned, possible the invoice.payment_succeeded webhook). Basically, we need the Stripe Subscription ID (`sub_**`) as well as the app user ID it should be connected to.

I’ll add this to our backlog to clarify in our docs- let me know if that helps!