Users storage with Firebase integration


Hi guys!

I’m about to launch the new version of my app with Revenue Cat. 

I did enable the Firebase integration as I want to store info about my users in it. 

My application also need to store a few additional info about my user (extra metadata like locale or application specific info).

My application communicates with my API (that needs to know the entitlements of my users, so I’m also using the Rest API).

The thing is… I have data about my users dispatched at 3 different places:

  • In RevenueCat (where I have useful information like the last app version, device version, last seen, etc...). 
  • In firebase (where i have entitlements and stuff from RevenueCat but not all the data enumerated above)
  • In my API local MySQL database (where I store the additional data that I need for my user like locale or application specific stuff)

So If I want a complete vision of my users, I need to aggregate all this different sources. 

It’s quite difficult as there is no way to retrieve the full list of users from the Rest API.

Is there a way I could simplify this? Like adding my own metadata in the RevenueCat SDK and store them in RevenueCat and configure the Firebase Extension to store everything in Firestore?




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