Unity Firebase Authentication with RevenueCat in App Purchases

  • 6 June 2024
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We created a mobile game through Unity that features firebase authentication for sign-up/login of user accounts. The app would be both available for Google Play Store and IOS. We want to integrate in-app purchasing with both consumable and subscription products however, the current IAP we were planning to use have its limitations such as associating google subscription through the active google account rather than the existing firebase user. 

After some research, I read that RevenueCat can be integrated with Firebase so the IAP will be connected to each Firebase users instead. Would this be possible and are there any documentations we can refer to in order to achieve such feature?

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1 reply

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Hi, RevenueCat can be integrated with Firebase but if you plan to have users make purchases via the App Store and Google Play Store then purchases will still be associated with each underlying store account. As such, RevenueCat users will have their subscriptions associated with the active store account and can only support one store account per user.