There is a problem with your configuration in Play Store Developer Console

  • 30 September 2023
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I already searched  my issue on this platform, but i still havent solved it yet.
why does this mistake occure? Error fetching offerings - PurchasesError(code=ConfigurationError, underlyingErrorMessage=There's a problem with your configuration. None of the products registered in the RevenueCat dashboard could be fetched from the Play Store.
is it because of that? 

Credentials need attention
  1. Could not validate subscriptions API permissions

  2. Permissions to call inappproducts API

  3. Permissions to call monetization API

1 reply

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This is likely due to the service credentials not being setup properly in Google Play Console/Cloud Console. If you’ve already gone through the set up doc here, can you confirm that:

  • the project connected in Step 1 is the same as the one the service account is created under in Step 2
  • the service account's roles exactly match the screenshot below
  • You've enabled the three permissions in the following screenshot:
  • You've saved the above, then gone into 'Users and Permissions' and applied those permissions for the app in question and saved those changes as well (this is an easy 'save changes' button to miss.)
  • The JSON key you added to RevenueCat in Step 4 of the doc is the exact same as the JSON key you saved in Step 2
  • You've waited at least 36 hours to allow the credentials time to validate and activate


We also have a handy Checklist that goes through all of the necessary elements needed to get credentials working so you can go through and ensure that you've hit each step: