Subscription updates not reflected in Firestore

  • 20 August 2022
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Hi, I am in the process of finishing my integration with RevenueCat and having an issue where the subscription events are not updated in the user collection.


  • Vue.js + CapacitorJS + Firebase

What’s happening

  • Subscriptions are successful
  • User collection is updated with RevenueCat data (I’m using the same collection as my normal user collection)
  • I cancel the subscription in Google Play successfully
  • I receive the event in Firestore
  • User collection is not updated

User collection’s entitlements and subscriptions sections after cancellation




The only steps I’ve not completed is connecting up to Google Analytics but otherwise I think I’m setup correctly.

Is this not working or is my expectations of how this integration works incorrect?

I was expecting that when a user unsubscribes that the unsubscribe_detected_at would be updated and when the sub expires that the subscriptions and entitlements would update accordingly.



1 reply


I am facing this exact some issue - also not seeing custom claims updated on the users despite having the functionality enabled in the Firebase extension. I also do not have analytics configured however. Did you ever get to the bottom of this?