Stripe Unit Pricing

  • 21 October 2021
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Your docs regarding stripe packages says:

Only Package Pricing and Standard Pricing subscription plans with per unit pricing are supported. Metered usage and tiers are currently not supported.

Does this mean, that a user for example can purchase 5 monthly subscriptions via stripe?

Will this be correct displayed in revenuecat and in you webhooks to my server?


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This question was answered in our ticketing system, but posting the response here as well for visibility:

Yes, we do support multi-unit subscriptions from Stripe and they'll show up correctly in the dashboard and your webhooks. Here are two examples to illustrate:

  1. If the customer purchases multiple items of the same subscription (such as the example you mentioned of 5), it'll look like this in Stripe:


    In the dashboard, we'll create a single receipt and a single transaction with the total price (and a single webhook event) of the purchase of 5 subscriptions:

  2. If the customer purchases two different products at the same time, like this in Stripe: 


    We'll still create a single receipt, but each product will get an individual transaction. In the case above this would end up generating two transactions and two webhook events: