RevenueCat data integration into Google Firebase Analytics

  • 14 September 2021
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Hi everyone,

I am afraid the answer to this question is No but in case this ever changes in the future I am still asking it.

Is it possible to export/integrate RevenueCat collected data into Google Firebase Analytics?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

4 replies

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I don’t think it’s possible to integrate directly since there isn’t a REST API to hook into Firebase Analytics - only device side tracking.


I would also love to know if anyone has found any creative solutions.


The best thing I know is to export the Firebase Analytics to Big Query, then set up a RevenueCat ETL to Google storage which you can also send into Big Query. 

As of late 2020 it is possible to log events from server-side code with the Analytics Data API and the GA4 Measurement Protocol documentation on sending events with this REST API, which you can use from Cloud Functions (and almost any other environment).


The appInstanceID would need to be passed through somehow, possibly using RevenueCat Subscriber Attributes, or more directly, with a firebase collection that maps user_id to an appInstanceID.  It’s also possible that one valid appInstanceID could be used for all requests since user_id is a separate parameter to the REST API.  I’ll try and report back.

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:fingers_crossed: It would be really useful to see the integration of RC sending events to Google Analytics / GA4!  Since we use RC as the source of truth for subscriptions and entitlements this is really a needed and useful connection.  Can this happen sometime soon?


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Just an update here that this is something that we are actively exploring right now; expect more news in the next few months.