Logging Braze Purchase Events vs Custom Events

  • 19 November 2021
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Hello!  We have an integration from RevenueCat to Braze to capture Subscription Events.  These events are flowing into Braze as Custom Events, however they should be considered Braze Purchase Events.  Does anyone have any guidance on how to make this happen? 

We are using the default event names in the the Braze integration setup as shown here in RevenueCat.

According to both the RevenueCat and Braze Documentation, if the event has currency/revenue it should be recorded as a purchase event, specifically initial_purchase_event and renewal_event

The logging of Purchase Events (vs just Custom Events) is important because it allows us to leverage certain Braze features, only available for purchase events as shown here.

Here is an example of initial_purchase_event being logged in Braze as Custom Events vs Purchase Events even though the event does contain revenue.

We have reached out to Braze and they directed us to contact RevenueCat.


Thank you for the help!


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2 replies

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Hey @Ryan M!

There isn’t a way to change the event types through the integration configuration. I can share this feedback with our product team to see if it’s possible to update how the integration works on our side.

If you needed something asap, the only way to set up a custom integration would be to use the webhook events and develop the 3rd party integration piece yourself off of those.


We're facing the same issue. It appears that the Braze API expects a different format when receiving purchase data. So when sending RC data over, Braze does not get the correct format, but it also looks like the expected format is significantly different from what RC is sending.

Was there any update on this topic meanwhile? Hoping that RC product team has picked this up and that there may be a solution coming soon.