Issues Configuring Play Store Service Credentials

  • 8 September 2021
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I am following the official document to set up Service Credentials with Play Store.

At step 2b we need to access ‘Google Cloud Platform’ which when I do I get the following error message…

“You are missing the following required permissions: 



One workaround I have attempted was to select the app name I want the Credentials for in the top left ‘Select a project’ dropdown and then select ‘Service Accounts’ from the left hand menu. I am then able to..

  • Create the credentials (2c)
  • Assign Pub/Sub Admin Role & Monitoring Viewer (2d)
  • Create public key (2e)

The issue I have is that when I now go back into Play Console as instructed my Service Credentials do not appear and therefore I also do not have a ‘Grant Access’ button. It simply states

There are no service accounts associated in this project

I’ve no idea what to do from this point as I cannot continue with the configuration without the Service Credentials appearing.

Can you please let me know how to proceed.

Many thanks


1 reply

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Hey @Michael Darrock!

Have you checked out this post yet?

There’s a section on what to do when the service credentials are not populating in Google Play Console.