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  • 6 June 2024
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We have a Netflix model where most of our service value is via website. We have a mobile app where users can subscribe, and I want to use revenuecat to send IAP subscriptions to Stripe, which is our source of truth for subscription status. It seems like all of revenuecat documentation is stripe → revenuecat → iap whereas we need iap → revenuecat → stripe. When testing iap, I see the subscriptions show on revenuecat, but not on stripe. 

how do I get iap subscriptions to show up as customers / subscriptions on stripe.

1 reply

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RevenueCat doesn’t transfer subscriptions across different platforms. Instead, we enable users to purchase on any platform, then you can identify your users with an ID that allows them to access their entitlements (i.e., premium features) on any device.

So we don’t have a mechanism to transfer a mobile subscription to start going through Stripe, or vice versa.