Handling Subscription Refund

  • 9 August 2023
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I want to refund the prorated amount to customer on subscription cancellation but I am using stripe customer portal for cancellation handling and it only gives option to add credit balance to customer for prorated amount. How can I handle refunds when this scenario happens?

Thanks a lot!

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Hey @can

It looks like there’s a few conditions on Stripe in order for them to process a refund. You can see them here in their docs, but I’ll list them out as well:

  • The original charge was created on a customer in your Stripe account.
  • The customer has a stored email address.
  • You enabled Email customers for refunds in the Dashboard.

You should see the option to refund both as an arrow when hovering over the payment in the customer’s payment list, or as an option in the three dot menu when doing the same. If you’re not seeing that, it’s possible one of those conditions haven’t been met.

Do you see the option to refund the Stripe transaction in the RevenueCat dashboard for this customer?