[Firebase integration] Google Analytics double counts iOS revenue

  • 19 April 2023
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Is anybody here successfully using the RCxFirebase integration and getting correct revenue data in Google Analytics?

I have the following problem: Revenue shown in Google Analytics seems to be counted double.

For Android, I can prevent Firebase from automatically collecting revenue data via “Firebase > Project settings > Integrations > Unlink Google Play”. Then Android is fine.

For iOS, however, this is not possible. Even without the RC integration, revenue is already show in Analytics and with the integration it is twice as high…

FYI I am using this Firebase plugin for my Capacitor app:

...and I am using the following code (where `userId` is the user’s UUID within my app):

Capacitor.Plugins.FirebaseAnalytics.getAppInstanceId().then(result => {
Purchases.setAttributes({$firebaseAppInstanceId: result.appInstanceId});

Capacitor.Plugins.FirebaseAnalytics.setUserId({userId: userId});


Also, I have already contacted the plugin developer and Firebase and RevenueCat support and no one had an idea...

2 replies

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Hi, sorry for the delay. If you are still seeing issues with this, please open a support ticket so we can continue looking into this and get more information internally.

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Updating here for reference:

Firebase will automatically collect in_app_purchase events if you're using Analytics: 


If you don't want RevenueCat to send purchase events to Google Analytics, you could disable just the Google Analytics portion of the integration while retaining the Firebase setup. Alternatively, you can disable auto-collecting these events by following these guides:


There isn't a way to do this through RevenueCat, as this part is done by Firebase/Google themselves.