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I rely on RevenueCat to send start trial, trial converted, and other Track events to (my CRM tool). Currently, I use RevenueCat’s Segment integration: RevenueCat sends the events to Segment, which forwards them to Customerio. 


I’m trying to cut out all Segment use cases in my tech stack because it doesn’t seem worth it (there are direct integrations in most cases). I made a post about this on SubClub. 


How do I replace this connection? Does RevenueCat have a direct integration with Customerio? I don’t see it in RevenueCat’s list of integrations. If RevenueCat doesn’t integrate directly with Customerio, can I use RevenueCat’s Webhooks to do this? So I could send the events via RevenueCat’s webhooks to my own webhook, then my webhook would integrate with Customerio?


Does RevenueCat plan to release a direct integration with Customerio soon? If so, maybe I’ll leave the Segment connection in place for now, and replace it with the direct connection ASAP. 






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Hi @tobysola1,

At this time we don’t have an integration with, but I’d happy to pass it along as feedback and hopefully it can be something that we support in the future. 

In the meantime, I do think your best bet is to set up a system utilizing webhooks as communication with as you’ve described. 

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We’re also using for email flows and it would great to be able to see funnel conversions (revenue) here in RevenueCat.


Any recommendations on this?