Configured attribution integration but no events sent

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 I've configured an attribution integration but no events are sent?

The attribution integrations in RevenueCat (e.g. Appsflyer, Adjust, Branch, Facebook, etc.) require two steps to setup.

  1. The network specific attribution data needs to be sent to RevenueCat from within your app. This is done through Subscriber Attributes in the SDK. Refer to the attribution integration guides for the specific network to see which Subscriber Attributes need to be set and how to test this:
  2. The integration needs to be configured in the RevenueCat dashboard for your app.

If no events are being sent, you should check that step 1 above is set up properly for your app and the specific attribution network. Integration events will only be sent for users that have these attributes collected.

If events are being sent but the data doesn't seem right, check out our post on Data Discrepancies

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