Available Metrics in v2 API endpoint

  • 14 November 2023
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I’m currently working on the ability to retrieve the data from RevenueCat via the API v2. Is there a way to have historical data, especially for the count of active subs and trials? Moreover, lots of different information are missing such as the renewal rate or the refund rate. Can we have access to it via the API? Finally, is there a way to split the data on the country or at least create filters to retrieve specific data?


3 replies

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Hi Julien,

Are you referring to the Overview metrics endpoint? If so, we just released the initial version this month and are working on making the endpoint/other endpoints more granular in terms of the data that can be returned.


Yes, I’m referring to this endpoint. Could you tell us what are the next endpoints to be coming out just to have a general idea of the data that we will be returned?


Hi @Ryan Glanz
Can you give an ETA when V2 version can be ready with all the endpoints and use cases of V1?