"View sandbox data" toggle is disabled

  • 21 September 2021
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I just made my first iOS sandbox purchase using the RevenueCat Flutter SDK. Then I went to my dashboard and could not find the fake purchase. I looked at the docs and it claims I need to toggle my view sandbox data ON. The issue is that this toggle is disabled. When I hover I get the “not-allowed” cursor. Why would this toggle ever be disabled? 


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8 replies

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Hey @Tony :wave: ,

Where are you trying to view sandbox data? The toggle for view sandbox data is available for your transactions page and overview page. Outside of that there isn’t an area to view sandbox data. 


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Customers page, sandbox list. No sandbox data allowed in the sandbox list?

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Hey @Tony ,

Yes I forgot to include your customer pages and your activity page. Customer pages will have the view sandbox data enabled. Is this where you are not being able to view sandbox data? Can you send a screenshot of where you are seeing this toggle disabled? 

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Yep. Here ya go!

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Hey @Tony ,


Thank you for providing that screenshot of your customer lists page.Yes this is one of the pages that would have the view sandbox data toggle disabled. The default lists on the left hand side bar are where you can view sandbox data. Here is our documentation on customer lists:

Data can take up to an hour to be viewable in Customer Lists, so it’s best to view a customer’s history page directly if you need to see their latest events immediately:

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@jazmine Strange! I wasn’t seeing sandbox data in that list. Is there a massive delay from the time I purchase to the time it shows up in the revenuecat dashboard?

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Same Problem. I think that it is strange, too me ( @Tony  ). Sandbox data in consumer list page should be shown receipt info for fast development. Thanks. 


I found that logging out and back in re-enables the "View sandbox data" toggle, but once I turn it on and then switch to ‘Customers’, it gets disabled again.