Unity to VisionOS - Nothing happens

  • 22 June 2024
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Hello! I’m doing a game for VisionOS using Unity and I’m trying to using RevenueCat, but without success. I’ve followed the guides and everything seems to be properly setup.

However, when I run the game I get no logs (or errors) from RevenueCat whatsoever. I have the logLevel set to verbose.

Calling any method on the Purchases behavior simply does nothing. I suspect it’s because the Purchases class has the following code:

private void Start()
_wrapper = new PurchasesWrapperAndroid();
_wrapper = new PurchasesWrapperiOS();
_wrapper = new PurchasesWrapperNoop();
if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(proxyURL))

if (useRuntimeSetup) return;

Configure(string.IsNullOrEmpty(appUserID) ? null : appUserID);
GetProducts(productIdentifiers, null);


I’ve tried to manually change the files but then I get thrown into a pile of build errors on Xcode…

Does anyone have any hints? Is RevenueCat SDK for Unity supposed to work with VisionOS builds?

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2 replies


Another unclear question in my head (and in the docs) is if I need to run the RevenueCat setup for iOS (VisionOS in this case) after exporting the Xcode project from Unity.

Or will the exported Xcode project from Unity already be fully setup? It doesn’t seem like it… But again, no errors are thrown. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hi @luis-fonseca,

Sorry for the delay answering this! As you experienced, right now VisionOS is not fully supported in our Unity SDK but we are working on an implementation and would appreciate your help testing it to make sure it works for you. Would you be available to test this fix and let us know the result? I attached a `.unitypackage` with the updated code in case it helps.

Any information you can provide with the Xcode issues could also help us on this. Please feel free to open a ticket through our dashboard or emailing referencing this issue if you prefer a more private setting.

Also happy to work together to get this working!