Unable to fetch offering on real device when using Storekit file

  • 26 April 2024
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Hello, I’m having really a weird problem that i cant seems to find a solution for it.So i followed the docs and i duplicated the scheme and and i use storekit for 1 scheme and the other no. when i use storekit file i can do purchases on simulator and the products are fetched but not on real device. but when i dont i can fetch the offering on my real device and make purchase but i cant make purchase on simulator. thats why our app got rejected i’m really confused. anyone can help please?

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3 replies

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when i don’t use storekit file i have an issue like this subscribe keeps re appearing on simulator


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i posted more details on github


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Hi @abdelmohcen-01c77c,

Apple’s review team doesn’t use StoreKitTest files so I recommend testing on a real device using the sandbox environment. You mentioned that it works on device, which is the important part. The app review team is not experiencing issues with the StoreKitTest file, but it is very possible that they are experiencing a glitch in the sandbox environment which is common unfortunately. This is documented here: https://www.revenuecat.com/docs/test-and-launch/app-store-rejections If it works on your device then I recommend talking to the reviewer about this.