Testflight clicking subscriptions or IAPs has long delay

  • 20 March 2023
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Why is clicking a subscription or IAP so slow on iOS. When I click on a subscription, it can take up to 20 seconds to even show the pop up modal to purchase the subscription. I am testing this on testflight and am wondering if there is a way to make this delay quick? The IAPs and subscription purchases eventually go through, just unacceptably slow. Is this due to Apples test flight servers being slow or something else? Will we see increased performance when we deploy a production build? For context, I am using `purchaseProduct` to buy both IAPs and subs.


9 replies

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I am also hoping to understand this, for me on TestFlight the purchase dialog comes up very slowly In comparison to the local Xcode store kit configuration file.

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This is likely an issue on Apple’s end if it was working with a config file.


If you create a new test user, does the problem persist?

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I have this issue as well. Happens for me with a new user as well @Ryan Glanz .


To confirm, is this limited to TestFlight or could this be happening for some users in production as well?

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I am also interested in this topic:

  • do delays on TestFlight subscriptions happen only when using RevenueCat or apps that use directly the apple API also experience it?
  • are these delays limited to TestFlight or could this happen on the Store (big issue in this latter case) ?

Thank you !

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Hello, i have the same issue. Has there been any updates on this topic? Will this problem only occur in the TestFlight app, and will it be fixed when I switch to the live version?

Thank you.

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We are also experiencing this issue. For my end, I've been using expo. 

The delay between the actual intention of purchase to verify with app-store API and then actually getting the purchase activated is quite intense. We are just at the beginning of the test-phase, but if this issue stays unresolved here in the community, I will provide a follow-up post in a few weeks about this behavior in production. 

Hello, I’ve been having the same issues running this in Test mode (TestFlight). Does anyone have these slowness issues when deploying to the real iOS App Store?

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Hey all,

Just wanted to provide an update here since this post is still getting activity.

Tracking down exactly where the delay is happening can be tricky but in our experience the delays come from Apple. Apple’s sandbox servers are notoriously flaky and slow.

One way to see exactly where the delay is coming from is to check the debug logs and the network requests going out. On the device, the RevenueCat SDK has to communicate with Apple to make the purchase. It can take a while to make that communication with Apple especially in sandbox and TestFlight. After that’s done, the device will upload the purchase receipt to RevenueCat servers. Often you will see the RevenueCat servers respond quickly (unless you are testing with an Apple ID that has made hundreds of purchases, which can introduce delays when uploading the data to RevenueCat.) And finally after the device receives verification from RevenueCat servers that the purchase has been completed and validated, the device needs to communicate with Apple again to “finish” the transaction. This can take a while depending on how many purchases the account has and if it’s running in sandbox or production.

Happy to help track down delays more specifically, feel free to share logs or network requests so I can take a look!

I’m happy to hear that this is isolated to the sandbox and TestFlight and the expected behavior once in production. I opened up a ticket for this issue earlier, so I can provide logs directly to that ticket once I receive a response for support.


Thanks for the quick response to this post!