SyncPurchases trigger webhook?

  • 3 January 2022
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I need to know if when I use 


and there is some to sync, a webhook is triggered?

e.g. I have some users that used old App, that didn’t use RevenueCat or my own API, but the user update the App and now he can’t access the app because I’m using RevenueCat and controlling the status by server side, but Google or Apple knows that the user is a subscriber.

in this case, if I use the sync method and when Revenue update a trigger will fired? Or I need to use the Rest API to know?

obs. I’m using Flutter for the Apps.


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RevenueCat will send a webhook event if new information is detected when calling syncPurchases, but note that RevenueCat will only send a webhook event for the most recent billing event. That means if a user renewed their subscription a few times before updating the app and calling syncPurchases, RevenueCat will send a webhook for only the most recent renewal.