Saving to RevenueCat with user data using Unity IAP.(E-Mail etc.)

  • 9 May 2024
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I am making the user purchase subscriptions from Google Play and Apple Store with Unity IAP. I want to register the subscription with the user's Firebase Auth E-Mail after the Unity IAP purchase using RevenueCat. I want to ensure that the user can use the subscription from Android or IOS device without losing it. How should I do this using RevenueCat? Unfortunately, your technical documents were not enough. Can you help me?

Thank you...

1 reply

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Hey @bayramali !


To do this, you will want to just make sure that you configure with the specific app user ID that should correlate with the same app user ID of this user in Firebase. We have seen customers even use their Firebase email as their app user ID so they can be sure that these users are logged in the to the same app user ID so they subscription will be available regardless of the platform that the user logs in on.



Let me know if that helps!