RevenueCat Stripe App vs Webhook & How to Test (Best Practice)

  • 29 May 2024
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I have an existing Flutter based, iOS and Android app which I am now working on deploying to Web. 

Since RC Flutter purchase SDK unfortunately does not support web, I integrated Stripe and am now working on connecting/syncing the Stripe purchases to RC since RC validates in app that a user has an active subscription.

My app offers both in app one time purchases as well as subscriptions. I have created both in Stripe and linked in RC. I installed the RC App for Stripe as documented.

Now I am uncertain about the following:

  1. Will any purchases (one time AND subscriptions) automatically snyced to RC via the RC Stripe App?
    1. If yes - Does this only work in Live Mode? How would I go about testing it best if Stripe TEST Mode is not supported? Setting all products to 0$ or 1 Cent seems misleading.
    2. If No - If the RC App for Stripe does not do so and I need to implement my own webhooks and inform RC via their Webhook, than I would not understand what the RC App for Stripe Does.
  2. Just to make sure: RC APP for Stripe would link Both One Time Purchases as well as Subscriptions including Cancellations / Refunds etc. - Correct?

Thanks - I looked through all documentation but could not find answers to above.



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Hi @timoRC

The RC App for Stripe enriches your customer data within Stripe so you can better support your customers, and it allows us to connect your Stripe account and use their API to verify purchases, view events, etc. However, we still require you to send us the purchase tokens after a customer has purchased a product from you. Please review this resource, in particular the section on sending Stripe tokens to RevenueCat.

One-time purchases require using Stripe Checkout, and you'll need to send us the Checkout Session ID as the fetch_token. Additionally, you'll need to use Stripe's Prices objects. 

For testing, you can use Stripe's test mode, which will be considered as sandbox purchases in RevenueCat.