Redeeming Offer Codes iOS 16+, App Store redirect or in-app sheet?

  • 26 March 2024
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long time ago, we were using `Purchases.shared.presentCodeRedemptionSheet()` to redeem offer codes but this was really unrealiable as the docs also state -

I am curious if this maybe changed in recent iOS versions? We support iOS 16+ and there is also this new method in StoreKit -

Does anyone use it? Will it work with RC without any other “plumbing”? Or maybe the presentCodeRedemptionSheet already uses it under the hood?

We currently redirect to App Store but were wondering whether it is now possible to offer better experience to the users.



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Hi @filip-nemecek,

It’s fine to use StoreKit’s presentOfferCodeRedeemSheet alongside RevenueCat. RevenueCat will automatically pick up the code redemption because we hook into the transaction queue. I’m not sure if it’s any more reliable than it used to be but you’re free to try!