Qt mobile app and revenuecat integration

  • 4 January 2022
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I’m using Qt (version 6), with cmake builder to create an app on IOS and Android.

The code is in C++ for major part of logic, QML for UI, Objective-C and Java for platform-specific logic.


The previous version of my app, use Qt5 and QtPurchasing to manage in-app purchase and I have only one non-consumable product to unlock premium features.

I have updated my app to Qt6, and make in-app purchase works with qt example with native code.

But now, I want to manage auto-renewable subscriptions and I have difficulty with native code to manage it.

So I look for RevenueCat but I don’t achieve to install the SDK in my project.


I started with IOS integration.

I have look the GitHub purchase-ios and try to make direct integration.

I have successfully include Purchase.h in my Objective-C file but purchase-ios is not build so linker not found RCPurchase symbol.


I have try Swift package but I encounter problems with a Xcode bug which block swift package dependency adding, and failed during loading of package if I add local package.


And With Cocoa pods, the package is well load but not the rest of my project…


Can I help me to use RevenueCat with Qt mobile app ?


I think direct integration is the most promising solution but I not found information about it except one sentence in readme of purchase-ios, have you link to documentation for this way ?


Thanks you, I can send more detailed logs if necessary.





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Unfortunately the RevenueCat SDK doesn’t support Qt officially. None of us on the team are very familiar with Qt. However, we try to keep the SDK as platform-agnostic as possible. If you can install other SDKs via CocoaPods or SPM, you might be able to install it for your Qt app. You may also be able to install it manually, e.g. linking directly to the Xcode project. We probably won’t be able to provide additional help but let us know if you have any other questions.