Purchases not restoring automatically on Android when calling configure with another app user id

  • 7 December 2023
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I am working on preparing an Android app to properly support the `Transfer to new App User ID` behavior. Up until now, the project on RevenueCat was blocking transfers.


The app offers access to content based on a subscription, and the users require an account to purchase any subscription.


While reading the documentation, I noticed this section that mentions the following auto-transfer behavior:

So I made the following changes - as instructed by the docs here - , to make sure the existing subscription tied to the Google Play account doesn’t transfer to an anonymous user id:

  • Only call `configure` or `login` on the SDK when the user is logged in the app (has a user id)
  • Never call `logout` on the SDK

However, the problem that I noticed is that when I log in to another in-app account, the auto transfer behavior that is mentioned on the doc snippet shown at the beginning is not happening. Is that section of the documentation outdated or am I missing something?

Here is an example scenario that I ran in sandbox mode:

  1. Create an in-app account ( and subscribe
  2. Log out
  3. Create another in-app account and log in (

Expected result (based on the docs): The existing subscription should be automatically transferred to

Actual result: No TRANSFER webhook is present when I monitor the latest webhooks sent in RevenueCat dashboard, thus the subscription is not transferred automatically. Also, I tried force stopping and restarting the app, but the subscription did not transfer in this case either.

However, if I call `Purchases.sharedInstance.restorePurchasesWith` when is logged in, the subscription is transferred properly to the new account.


I don’t mind this, I actually think it’s better this way, but I still don’t understand why that behavior mentioned in the docs is not happening in my tests. What I want to get is a clarification, because I don’t want to release the app like this and then be caught off guard when in Prod, that behavior starts happening to users. 


Thank you!


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2 replies

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Extra clarification: I am on Android SDK v6.9.5 - I am not on the latest version because of this issue

Not sure if this matters but I thought I’d mention it.

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Hi Radu,

It looks like we shipped a change recently to not transfer the purchase immediately on configure. So I will go update those docs.

If you did want them to transfer right away, you could use syncPurchases, which is the programmatic-safe version of restorePurchases.