Purchase not working on EAS Build Dev mode IOS

  • 5 May 2024
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I am using EAS Build development IOS (not simulator) and when making a purchase and filling out apple ID sign in info, I get the following error:

[Error: There was a problem with the App Store.]

I have filled out all forms, agreements, tax info, and bank info on Apple Store Connect.

I am wondering why this error is happening. Here is my code to make the purchase:


const handlePurchase = async (num) => {

    try {

      const { customerInfo } = await Purchases.purchaseStoreProduct(product);



    } catch (e) {

      if (!e.userCancelled) {


      } else {

        Alert.alert("Cancelled", "Purchase has been cancelled.");




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1 reply

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Hi, the store problem error is typically due to a network issue. Is this still occurring?